Our areas of operation are centered on the Fort Worth Basin, including Parker, Palo Pinto, Jack and Erath Counties. We have successfully operated in this region since 1986, drilling and operating over 300 oil and gas wells at depths ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 feet. To achieve our production goals in this area, we have developed a business plan to locate, acquire and exploit low-risk, high-Btu oil and gas opportunities that were overlooked before today’s advanced fracturing and completion techniques were developed.

The Cumming Company’s newest acquisitions focus on the Marble Falls, Barnett Shale and Tight Conglomerates. In the 1970s and 1980s, these zones were considered too “tight” (low permeability) for economical production. However, with new perforating geometry and increased fracking efficiencies, they have become highly productive and profitable. For example, the Marble Falls zone, which was historically deemed a non-economically producing zone, has since 2011 become one of the most prolific plays in the Fort Worth Basin. CCI is currently pursuing undeveloped zones in drilled and abandoned wells, producing wells that can be purchased for recompletion, and new drilling prospects located in Parker, Jack, Palo Pinto and Erath Counties.

The Company continues to pursue new development opportunities, in order to benefit itself and its working partners. Contact us to learn more about current investment opportunities.