Our people provide the true energy behind our success, bringing the knowledge and expertise that ensures The Cumming Company runs like a well-oiled machine. The majority of our team members have been with us ten years or more. We have the oil and gas experience to address every aspect of creating and operating a producing well. Read on to learn more about the key members of our leadership team.

Dwight H. Cumming

President, Founder and Sole Stockholder

Dwight has been the primary force behind CCI since its inception in 1986. Prior to leading oil and gas development at The Cumming Company, Dwight served as Executive Vice President of Graham Source Corporation, an independent operator in Graham, Texas. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to the Company, and oversees all aspects of its operations.

Sandra Mickelson Vatthauer

Production Engineer

Sandra is responsible for the stimulation design and coordination of well work for the completion of new wells, recompletion of existing oil and gas wells, and permitting. Prior to joining CCI in 2002, she worked for Basell USA Inc., Mid-Valley Pipeline Company and Sun Pipe Line Company, where she supervised project construction and start-up, prepared cost estimates and bid packages, and was responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance.

Linda K. Wilmoth

Executive Vice President

Linda is responsible for joint interest billing, lease management, supervision of federal and state tax reporting, payment and compliance, financial reporting, and office administration. Prior to joining CCI in 1987, Linda worked for Meridian Oil Company, where she handled leasehold accounting.

Gary Tomanka

Consulting Geologist

Gary is the Consulting Geologist for the Cumming Company and an adjunct professor at Tarrant County Community College. Prior to joining CCI, Gary earned his Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. Gary also has experience as a Geoscientist at Eland Energy in Dallas and as an Algal Physiologist in the Biology Department of the University of Washington.

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